Discount Cigars and Discount Pipes

As a loyal customer, you always save big with And since we’ve recently made a special purchase, we’re passing even Bigger savings on to you! Join the thousands of satisfied customers who order their cigarettes from our wholesale home! Don’t pay expensive retail prices ever again! Look at our extensive list and order your favorite brand.

Be part of our referral program! Just tell your friend to look for the link on their order confirmation after they submit their order. If your friend submits you name in the form, you will receive a free carton of Seneca or Arrow Cigarettes with your next order.

I think you will find that the Seneca Brand offers the same full flavor you enjoy but at greater savings!

If you are not comfortable ordering through our secure server, call our 800 number listed below between 8:00AM and 9:00PM (EST) Monday – Friday or Saturday 8:00AM – 4:00PM. You can also print the online order form and just fax it to up at the fax number listed below.

Discount Tobacco Humidors and Discount Tobacco Ashtrays

All credit card orders are shipped within 48 hours from our warehouse via UPS or Priority Mail.

Any orders placed on Friday or early Saturday will be shipped out on Monday, orders placed late Saturday or on Sunday will go out Tuesday.

RJ Reynolds has chosen not to support internet or mail order sales. Therefore we will not be able to accept any coupons for Winston, Salem and Camel cigarettes until further notice. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

With over twenty years experience in supplying quality smoking pipes, tobacco and accessories to our many pipe-smoking friends, we have increased the range of products to appeal to as wide an audience as possible; cramming the pages of our now quarterly catalog, and our stock shelves with new Carey products and accessories, enabling us to bring to you the quality you expect as quickly as possible with the aim of becoming your preferred tobacconist.

Due to a lack of good “old-fashioned tobacconists” throughout the country we have also increased our range of guest brand products including among others, Savinelli, Kapp & Peterson, db Mariner, Big Ben and Falcon pipes.

Tobacco Club >>

Have you discovered the quality and pleasure provided by Carey Private Blend tobaccos? We have thousands of pipe and tobacco customers who have made that discovery and joined our Tobacco Club thereby reaping the benefits not only of a regular 28 day dispatch of their standing order but also at specially discounted prices. If you would like more information please send your name and address details to TobaccoPlace so that we can forward you further details.

The ‘Magic Inch’ system >>

A unique innovation that harnesses nature’s own laws to bring you pure trouble-free smoking pleasure no other pipe can offer. By cooling, condensing and evaporating moisture with every puff, it prevents the tar, sludge, bite and bitterness that you find in other pipes, ever reaching your mouth.

Here is a selection of comments from satisfied customers
“I have a family of ‘Magic Inch’ pipes and have been a customer for 20 years.” Mr MG from Yorkshire “Your Carey pipe is a real joy. No nasty taste dribbling back at anytime. The ‘Magic Inch’ gives a nice cool smoke.” Mr DC from Portsmouth “I was staggered by the speed my order was turned around and have mentioned to many of my friends how refreshing it is to have such service.” Mr CAW from Kent

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