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100 % Tobacco-Long-Filler
hecho a mano, Mexico

AROMA DE SAN ANDRES – the flagship of the cigar plant with the highest standing in Mexico and here the number one in the segment of PREMIUM CIGARS. There is only one format available. Very beautiful in a Bernstein shade glass tube that again is wrapped in golden-shade paper.

The filling consists of Mexican Negro tobacco. The binder is of Mexican origin. The wrapper is Sumatra. This cigar is characterized by a rich body. It is light aromatic-taste and elegant. Nice draught. 100 % handmade.

We deliver :

Article-number Article name contents# product info
Gourmet 10
Measures : Ø 17,1 mm length 168 mm weight 12 gram
Aromas de San Andres – a Corona/Churchill format, perfect workmanship, light but aromatic-taste. TOP PREMIUM.
delivery in a first class crafted little cedarwood box.
No delivery of solo-cigars
10 cigars per box

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