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made in Dominican Republic

Specially created for Avo Uvezian 75th birthday – 22th march 2001. Available in a strictly limited edition of 10000 boxes with 10 cigars content each.

The special “SUN-GROWN” wrapper is grown in Ecuador and in addition fermented several times.The composition of the filler consists of selected, precious Ligero- and Seco-tobaccos of Piloto- and San Vincente-types from 4 cultivation areas. This composition is different in strength and aroma from all other AVO cigars. By the high amounnt of Ligero-tobaccos AVO 75th Anniversary receives much more strength as “Domaine Avo”.
AVO 75th Anniversary – the impressive size of a Double Corona, well balanced in strenght and aroma. For better protection each AVO 75th Anniversary cigar is cellophaned separately.
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Filler Ligero-, Seco-tabaccos of Piloto and San Vicente-types
Binder Dominican Republic
Wrapper “SUN-GROWN-WRAPPER” from Ecuador
Charakteristics A strong, impressive cigar

We deliver :

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Article name price/item in EUR contents# product info
75th Anniversary 11,50 10 Click here for detailed product info
AVO UVEZIAN, Dominican Republic

Ø in mm

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75th Anniversary





75th Anniversary – an impressive Double Corona. Excellent balanced in strength and aroma. SUPER-PREMIUM.

In an nice little cedarwood box

Package with 10 cigars content, each cellophaned separately.

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