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made in Dominican Republic

AVO 77TH – on 22th march 2003 Avo Uvezian celebrated his 77th anniversary. This was the reason why Avo selected a new, special cigar. Avo 77th is a cigar in a somewhat longer Toro-size. The matron-shade Avo ring and the additional ring “77th” give this cigar a noble appearing.
The Avo 77th mixture is composed from four tobaccos of different Dominican cultivation areas, nobled by a San Vicente binder and specially fermented Connecticut Ecuador wrapper.A stronger cigar with much personality. This limited edition is packaged in attractive, brown-marron-shade little wood boxes with 14 cigars in two layers with 7 cigars each.
AVO 77TH - a cigar to celebrate.
Filler Domininikanische Republik
Binder San Vicente
Wrapper Specially fermented Connecticut Ecuador wrapper
Characteristics A stronger cigar to celebrate

We deliver:

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C-DEM-AVO-77LE Avo 77th 14,00 Click here for detailed product info
Avo Uvezian, Dominican Republic

Ø in mm

Länge in mm

Länge Inch

Gewicht Gramm






77th – ein etwas längeres Toro-Format. Ausgezeichnet verarbeitet. Gut in Zug und Abbrand. Kräftig im Geschmack. Streng limitierte Auflage. SUPER-PREMIUM.

In einem schönen, ansprechenden little cedarwood box

14 cigars per unit.

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