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av99c016.jpg (13798 bytes) Some people call me a CIGAR-GURU but I am not a GURU. I am a great man of the CIGAR like ZINO DAVIDOFF. There is nobody left like him. Avo Uvezian loves understatements and often simply relaxes by holding a cigar between his fingers. They are somehow similar, states Hendrik Kelner. As one of the most reputed producers he should know. He produces not only AVO CIGARS in Dominican Republic but famous DAVIDOFF.
av99c015.jpg (8006 bytes) Avo was born 1926 in a Beirut music family, and soon he dreamt about a great carrier as musician. Talented and full of enthusiasm, he early met success. After having traveled the Near East with his Jazz-team, he became Piano-player of Shah Reza Pahlevi. It was the Shah’s tip that gave the idea for a new environment in U.S.A. In New York Avo studied Classical Piano and music components at famous Julliard School of Music.

We deliver :

Article-number Article name price/item in EUR Models# product info
Z-D-AVO-36260 Avo Porcelaine 46,00 1

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Perfect harmony means love for details. Avo Uvezian is only hard to be satisfied. A maybe unimportant appearing accessory is the right ashtray.

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