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Belgium Cigars

Western European kingdom (parliamentary monarchy), 30518 km², 9.8 million inhabitants, capital Brüssel. Mild, humid sea climate, intensive agriculture (Rye, wheat, sugar beet, potato, vegetables) and live stock breeding (Cattle, horses, sheeps). Rich hard coal and ore deposits, important heavy- and metal industry and a high developed textil industry.

In Roman times part of the Gallia province. In 5th century franconian, in 9th century part of “Roman empire of German nations”. In medieval times belonging to Burgundy.1477 to emperor Maximilian of Habsburg. The Vienna congress of 1815 melted Belgium and Holland in a “Kingdom of United Netherlands”. 1830 uprise against Netherlander rule. 1831 election of Leopolds v. Sachsen-Coburg as Leopold I (1831-65) king of Belgium.

Belgien owns a small, but fine cigar industry.

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