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Dominican Republic

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My Own Blend Cigars
100 % hecho a mano in the Dominican Republic

Paul Olsen A/S, is the producer of this extraordinary Dominican cigar. Selected hand-sorted tobacco is used and completes together with absolute quality-driven production to a special cigar.

We deliver :

article-number article-name price/cigar in EUR contents# product info

C-DM-MO-500726 Chicos 2,80 25 click here for detailed order info
C-DM-MO-500727 Demi-Tasse 3,00 25 click here for detailed order info
C-DM-MO-500728 Panetelas 3,20 25 click here for detailed order info
C-DM-MO-500729 Corona 3,40 25 click here for detailed order info
C-DM-MO-500730 Especiales 3,90 25 click here for detailed order info
C-DM-MO-500731 Unicos 7,00 3 click here for detailed order info
My Own Blend “Chicos”, “Demi-Tasse”, “Panetelas”
My Own Blend, Dominican Republic
Measures :

  • Chicos Ø 11 mm, length 113 mm, 4,0 gram
  • Demi-Tasse Ø 12 mm, length 113 mm, 5,0 gram
  • Panetelas Ø 12 mm, length 150 mm, 7,6 gram
Chicos – a Panatela fina. Fine elegant aromas.
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Demi-Tasse – a Chico-Format. The breakfast cigar indeed. Caribbean richness in its aroma.
myo4.jpg (2505 bytes)
Panetelas – a Gran Panetela. Slim. Elegant, fine fruighty aromas.
delivery in a little wood box.
no delivery of Solo-Cigars .
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content 25 Cigars per unit

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My Own Blend “Corona”, “Especiales”, “Unicos”
My Own Blend, Dominican Republic
Measures :

  • Corona Ø 19,8 mm, length 156 mm, 14,5 gram
  • Especiales Ø 19 mm, length 152 mm, 15,9 gram
  • Unicos Ø 16,7 mm, length 168 mm, 10,9 gram
Corona – a classical Corona. Perfect workmanship, light draw, medium-strong in its taste.
Especiales – a wonderful elegant cigar. Delight pure, an event. TOP PREMIUM.
Unicos – a Double Corona. “From the good the peculiar”. SUPER-PREMIUM.
delivery in a little wood box.
no delivery of Solo-Cigars .
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content 3 or 25 Cigars per unit. Look below.

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