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Map Brasil

Official Republica Federativa do Brasil, biggest state in South-America along the Atlantic Ocean, 8.51 mill km², 119 mill. inhabitants, 6 territories, capital Brasilia. Discovered 1499 by Spanish seafarer Pinzon, 1500 Portuguese, 1930 revolution, 1930-45 and 1950-54 dictatorship, 1964 military putsch, since 1979 new constitutional regalement and a process of democracy.

Humid-hot to temperate climate. The economy is characterized by agriculture and live stock breeding. Cattle- and pig-breeding, cultivation of coffee, cocoa, cotton, sugar-cane, TOBACCO, corn, rice, grain, banana. Rich ore deposits : Iron, manganese ore, asbestos, bauxite, silver, diamonds, gold, oil and peculiar hard coal. The industry in in a strong development process.

Brasil cigars take a special position. They are the only ones that develop a nearly full-bodied and satisfying smoke as the Havanas do. The Brasil wrappers that are grown near Cruz de Almos in Bahia province are really black, “negro”. These cigars taste astonishing mild yet.

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