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Particulares Cigars
100 % Tobacco Longfiller, handmade
hecho a mano en Dominican Republic

cfpa02.jpg (18709 bytes) The filling is Domingo and Nicaragua Esteli. The binder is also Domingo. The wrapper is Connecticut Ecuador. Comfortable full aroma.
Very recommendable for beginners and connoisseurs also, because they are still mild without a strong pressure.

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Filler Dominican TOP-tobaccos and Nicaraguan Esteli
Binder Dominican Republic
Wrapper Ecuador Connecticut
Character Mild, aromatic-spicy with a comfortable full aroma.
Packaging New available in small bundle-units as well in wood-boxes

We deliver :

article-name price/cigar in EUR contents# product info


C-DM-PA-25440505 Lindas 2,40 5 Click here for detailed product info
C-DM-PA-25441503 Royal Corona 3,15 3
C-DM-PA-25442003 Supremos 3,35 3
C-DM-PA-25442203 Matador 3,55 3
C-DM-PA-25443502 Viajantes 4,30 2


C-DM-PA-25440125 Petit 2,20 25 Click here for detailed product info
C-DM-PA-25440525 Lindas 2,40 25
C-DM-PA-25441025 Numero 4 2,60 25
C-DM-PA-25441525 Royal Corona 3,20 25
C-DM-PA-25442025 Supremos 3,40 25
C-DM-PA-25442525 Churchill 3,80 25
C-DM-PA-25441225 Panetelas 2,80 25
C-DM-PA-25441725 Rothschild 3,30 25
C-DM-PA-25442225 Matador 3,60 25
C-DM-PA-25443025 Presidente 4,10 25
C-DM-PA-25443525 Viajantes 4,30 25

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