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hecho a mano en Honduras

Our Reserva Selecta is a celebration of our family’s heritage. May you savor the same pleasure we experienced in making this cigar for you.

The proud history of the Torano family mirrors the history of tobacco cultivation in the Caribbean. Toward the end of World War I, Santiago Torano left his native Spain and emigrated to Cuba. There he discovered the fertile soil where he would grow tobacco and start his new cigar company, Torano y Cia.
Today Carlos Torano and his family carry on the legacy that founded Torano Cigars. The company’s philosophy of quality and craftsmanship is reflected in its products.

Their full line of premium hand-rolled cigars are among the finest available, savored by connoisseurs worldwide.

The Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta is a rich, complex blend of aged Cuban seed tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. It has an aged Connecticut Shade wrapper with a premium Indonesian binder.

Hand-rolled in Honduras by skilled cigar makers. All combined to create a symphony of seductive, sublime impressions; a modern masterpiece.

Filler Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic
Binder Indonesia
Wrapper Connecticut Shade

We deliver :

Article name price/item in EUR contents# product info
Churchill 8,20 20 Click here for detailed product info
Churchill 8,90 5 Click here for detailed product info
Torpedo 8,70 20 Click here for detailed product info
Torpedo 9,20 5 Click here for detailed product info
Carlos Torano, Honduras

Ø in mm

length in mm

Ring Gauge

length in Inch




48 7.25
Churchill – nearly a Double-Corona in size/format. Perfectly made, excellent rolling quality. Excellent draught and burning. Taste and aroma in perfect balance. A true masterpiece, that should be tried. Single packaged in glas-tubes. SUPER-PREMIUM.
delivery in a wooden luxury-box
20 cigars per box

gunhottr.gif (7208 bytes)

Carlos Torano, Honduras

Ø in mm

length in mm

Ring Gauge

length in Inch




52 6.25
Torpedo – a Figurado made as Torpedo. True in generations found craftmanship, here demonstrated in perfection. Here, all parameters of rating do harmonize. Try something very special. SUPER-PREMIUM.
delivery in a wooden luxury-box
20 cigars per box

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