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handmade Long-Filler Cigars

Casa de Nicaragua offers a series of hand rolled LONGG-FILLER Cigars – a aromatic-taste alternative to Carib island-cigars. As in many states of Middle America Cubans-in-Exile settled down that experience with tobacco growing and production were very valuable to Cigar production in the new home with its similar climate conditions. CASA DE NICARAGUA recommends because of its mild but light and sweet smoke whit a smell of nut-like sweetness as good-pricey alternative to Havana-cigars.

We deliver :

article-number article-name price/cigar in EUR contents product info
C-NI-CN-057810 N°8 2,25 10 Click here for detailed order info
C-NI-CN-057710 Petitos 2,15 10 Click here for detailed order info
C-NI-CN-057910 Senoritas 2,45 10 Click here for detailed order info
C-NI-CN-057010 Elegantes 2,80 10 Click here for detailed order info
C-NI-CN-057110 Selection “B” 2,75 10 Click here for detailed order info

*) Full currency swap option in the INFO area

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Casa de Nicaragua “N8″, “Petitos”, “Senoritas”, “Elegantes”, “Selection B”
Casa de Nicaragua, Nicaragua
Measures :

  • N�� 11 mm, length 102 mm, 3,5 gram
  • Petitos � 13 mm, length 111 mm, 2,4 gram
  • Senoritas � 13 mm, length 136 mm, 5,7 gram
  • Elegantes � 15 mm, length 164 mm, 8,8 gram
  • Seleccion “B” � 16 mm, length 138 mm, 9,1 gram
N8 – a Perla – format.
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Petitos – a Demi-Tasse-format.
casan03.jpg (1903 bytes)
Senoritas – a Panatela-Fina-format
casan04.jpg (2747 bytes)
Elegantes – a Gran-Panatela
casan05.jpg (2988 bytes)
Selection “B” – a classical Corona.
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delivery of each in a little wooden move-box
no delivery of Solo-Cigars
content 10 Cigars per unit

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