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Dominican Republic

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Centennial 500
100 % Tobacco-Longfiller,
hecho a mano Dominican Republic

cfce9801.jpg (5308 bytes) Centennial 500 – handmade in Dominican Republic, only the finest leaves of the world, creates a cigar that is full-bodied an rich in its aroma. Each year each sort of this cigar will be hand selected, beginning with the wrapper, not to forget the binder, to the filler. A first-class leave will be selected, special treated, and by doing so these vintage cigar will extremely limited.

We deliver :

Article-number Article name price/item in EUR contents# product info
Centennial 500
Corona Supreme 5,88 20 click here for detailed order info
Cetros 7,41 20 click here for detailed order info
Robustos 7,41 20 click here for detailed order info
Numero Uno 8,95 20 click here for detailed order info
Churchill 10,23 20 click here for detailed order info
CENTENNIAL 500, Dominican Republic
Measures :
  • Corona Supreme Ø 16,7 mm length 140 mm
  • Cetros Ø 17,5 mm length 159 mm
Corona Supreme – a classical Corona-Format like the entire series, tobaccos of first class quality. Vintage 1997. SUPER PREMIUM.
Cetros – a Gran Corona, great in any view. Delight pure. SUPER PREMIUM.
cfce9802.jpg (6927 bytes) delivery in a little wood box.
No delivery of solo-cigars.
5, 25 cigars per unit.

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CENTENNIAL 500, Dominican Republic
Measures :
  • Robustos Ø 19,9 mm length 127 mm
  • Numero Uno Ø 15,1 mm length 191 mm
  • Churchill Ø 19,1 mm length 178 mm
Delivery in a little wood box.
cfce9802.jpg (6927 bytes) No delivery von solo-cigars.
20 cigars per unit.

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