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series pipes, made by hand

With Charles Fairmorn Diamond Line we present some very beautiful handmade series pipes – as its name “DIAMONDS” may tell, true diamonds among pipes.

We deliver :

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price/pipe in EUR Models# Info
C.F. Diamonds 177,93 6 click hier fuer bestellinfo

9 mm bore-hole

Charles Fairmorn, Germany


Specifications :

As its name may tell – true diamonds among pipes. These pipes, designed by Danish pipe master Helmer Thomson, are made from best, seasoned plateau-briarwood in perfect masterly craftmanship. They convince by their beautiful shapes with elegant, modern lines. The pipeheads are medium-sized and free of putty.

The color is very beautiful Cognac-shade. The shaft’s finish is 925 Sterling Silver. Extraordinary is its very beautiful grain.

The mouthpieces are handcarved from acryl for 9 mm filters. Because of its perfect workmanship and their excellent differenciated grain, the price for these TOP series pipes is an opportunity.

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