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Made in Germany – 100 % tabacco

C.F. CONNSHADE CONNSHADE – a small ensemble of small cigars and cigarillos with a “Carribean touch”, made from 100 % tobacco with an light Connecticut wrapper. Its taste owns a light nut-like sweet touch, but is smooth and mild in its aroma. CONNSHADE – a comfortable aromatic-taste and careless smoking.

We deliver the following brands:

Article-number Article-number price/item in EUR contents# product info


C-D-CO-15060520 Mini 0,54 20 click here for detailed order info
C-D-CO-15061020 Senoritas 0,66 20 click here for detailed order info
C-D-CO-15062020 Coronas 1,18 20 click here for detailed order info
C-D-CO-15063010 Panatellas 1,38 10 click here for detailed order info

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CONNSHADE Measures :

  • Mini Ø 8 mm length 80 mm
  • Senoritas Ø 11,5 mm length 120 mm
  • Coronas Ø 17 mm length 124 mm
  • Panatellas Ø 13 mm length 160 mm
Mini - a Cigarillo in cigarette format. The ideal cigarillo after the breakfast.
Senoritas – a Perla Format, a smoking delight – also for the lady.
Corona – a Petit Corona, perfect in draught and burning. The cigar for between.
Panatellas – a small Panatella, elegant, slim, the ideal cigar for a young lady.
Delivery in a little wood box.
No delivery of solo-cigars.
20 cigars per unit.

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