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Corps Diplomatique

100 % Tabak – Short-Filler
Made in Belgium

The making of a noble cigar, the handmade selection of their tobaccos, the four stages of aging, the composition of their fillings to manufacture is equal to a creation process that is hiding much.

100 years tobacco-experience by tobacco-house “Van der Elst Frères” in the heart of Belgium accompany this way and justify the splendid quality of cigars and cigarillos.

A composition of first class tobaccos of Havanas, Brasils and Javas, perfectly binded by Java-tobacco and wrapped by classical sumatra-tobacco.

We deliver :                                                                                          

article-number article-name contents# product info
Corps Diplomatique
C-BL-CD-223202, C-BL-CD-223205, C-BL-CD-223225
After Dinner, Auteuil, Consul
25/20, 50/10, 25 click here for detailed order info
C-BL-CD-223208, C-BL-CD-223210, C-BL-CD-223215
Deauville, Gouverneur, International
10/10, 25/5,10, 25 click here for detailed order info
C-BL-CD-233230, C-BL-CD-233220
Orleans mild, Orsay
20/20 click here for detailed order info

Hot Product

Corps Diplomatique “After Dinner”, “Auteuil”, “Consul”
Corps Diplomatique, Belgium
Measures :

  • After Dinner Ø 15 mm, length 129 mm, 7,2 gram
  • Auteuil Ø 7 mm, length 82 mm, 0,9 gram
  • Consul Ø 11,8 mm, length 135 mm, 3,8 gram
After Dinner After Dinner - s small Corona. 100 % Tobacco, the more big part of aromatic-taste Havana-Tobaccos in the filling composition adds a rich aroma to this cigar. The fine-balanced Java-binder and the Sumatra-wrapper and the classical Corona format also determine the smooth and mild character.
Auteuil Auteuil – a cigarillo in cigarette format. 100 % Tobacco. A mild extraordinary harmonic melange of best-liked Java-, Brasil and Havana-Tobaccos with a Java-binder a Sumatra-wrapper. Mild and fine-aromatic-taste in its smell and taste.
Consul Consul – a Panatella Fina. 100 % Tobacco. A high percentage of Brasil tobaccos in the fillings composition adds a full-bodied aroma to the cigar, the format adds the mildness. Binded by a Java-binder and a Sumatra-wrapper the mild-aromatic-taste is intensified.
delivery in a pocket box or a wood box dependant on the contents#
no delivery of Solo-Cigars
content 5 or 10 or 20 or 25 or 50 Cigars per unit

Hot Product

Corps Diplomatique “Deauville”, “Gouverneur”, “International”
Corps Diplomatique, Belgium
Measures :

  • Deauville Ø 8 mm, length 92 mm 1,5 gram
  • Gouverneur Ø 12 mm length 111 mm 3,7 gram
  • International Ø 11 mm length 128 mm 4,3 gram
Deauville Deauville - a classical cigarillo. 100 % Tobacco. A classical cigarillo from best Java-, Brasil and Havana-Tobaccos. A Java-binder and a Sumatra-wrapper round this rich of tradition composition harmonically and determine the mild-aromatic-taste character of this cigar.
Gouverneur Gouverneur – a Panatela fina. 100 % Tobacco. A filling composition of exquisite tobaccos from Java, Brasil and Havana is supplemented by a Java-binder and a Sumatra-wrapper to a well-balanced smoking. Mild and fine in its taste, this Panatela is a diplomatic delight between small cigarillo and big Corona.
International International – a slim Panatela. 100 % Tobacco. An extraordinary aromatic-taste and therefore surprising mild composition of best Havana, Brasil and Java-Tobaccos. With a Java-binder and a classical Sumatra-wrapper this Panatela offers an exquisite smoking of distinct richness in its smell and taste.
delivery in a pocket box or a wood box dependant on the contents#, Deauville will be delivered in a metal container
no delivery of Solo-Cigars
content 5 or 10 or 25 Cigars per unit

Hot Product

Corps Diplomatique “Orleans mild”, “Orsay”
Corps Diplomatique, Belgium
Maße :

  • Orleans mild Ø 8 mm, length 86 mm, 0,9 gram
  • Orsay Ø 8 mm, length Länge 92 mm 1,5 gram
Orleans mild Orleans mild – 100 % Tobacco. An extraordinary mild composition of predominat Java-, some Havana- and small parts of Brasil-Tobaccos. A Java-binder and a Sumatra-wrapper round this miniature harmonically. Orleans mild is the most mild cigarillo in Corps Diplomatique assortment.
Orsay Orsay – a Long-Cigarillo. 100 % Tobacco. Under selected Sumtra-wrapper the connoisseur will discover a harmonic, extraordinary mild compisition of precious tobaccos from Java, Havana and Brasil. A classical cigarillo, mild and balanced in its taste and smell.
delivery in a pocket box.
no delivery of Solo-cigarillos.
content 20 Cigarillos per unit .

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