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Costa Rica

Middle-american state, in the North bordering Nicaragua in South-East Panama. East and West are coastal areas : Atlantic Ocean borders Costa Rica in total length of 250 km in the East. The Pacific Ocean creates in the West am approx. 1020 km long natural border. The most narrow part of Costa Rica has just 100 km in diameter between the two Oceans.

The highest mountain is Chiripó with 3810 m. It is located in the Mountains of “Cordillera de Talamanca”. The two other Mountains “Cordillera de Guanacaste” and “Cordillera Central” have some volcanos. The highest is Irazú with 3432 m.

In Costa Rica tropical climate is to be found, there are just minor changes in temperature over the year. From October until March North-East Trade wind is dominant, bringing humidity and rain up to 400 mm. From December until April an arid period is found on the Pacific side of the country. From May winds from South-western directions bring more rain. At the same time Caribbean low pressure regions brings also rain, over the year more than 6000 mm.

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