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Credo Ligas
Handmade Longfiller cigars, 100 % Tobacco
hecho a mano en Honduras

cfcl01.jpg (27630 bytes) CREDO LIGAS – Jamastran-valley between green El Paraiso mountains, created with “Habano Jamastran” one of the finest variations of “Habano” tobaccos. Natural dried in a tobacco house, double fermentation with top leaves and a careful selection of flavors add an unique power and aroma to CREDO LIGAS. Lovers of classical Havanas might explore a new world of delight.
cfcl02.jpg (19153 bytes) In a CREDO cigar, there is nothing to change. There are no thoughtless repetitions. All is designed to satisfy the true amateurs demand.An invitation to a delightful take-part in this joy.


We deliver :                                                                                                    

Article-number Article name contents# product info
No 1 Demi Tasse 25
No 2 Robusto 25
No 3 Corona 25
No 4 Churchill 25
No 5 Double Corona 25
Measures :
  • N°1 Demi Tasse Ø 13 mm length 140 mm
  • N°2 Demi Tasse Ø 19,9 mm length 127 mm
N°1 Demi Tasse – already a small Panatella. Slim, elegant, a format for the lady of the world.
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N°2 Robusto – a classical Robusto Format, light and cool in its draught, perfect workmanship. TOP PREMIUM.
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delivery im little wood box
cfcl9806.jpg (19721 bytes) No delivery of solo-cigars.
25 cigars per unit.

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Measures :
  • N°3 Corona Ø 17 mm length 146 mm
  • N°4 Churchill Ø 19,4 mm length 177 mm
  • N°5 Double Corona Ø 20,5 mm length 203 mm
Credo Ligas Corona – a classical Corona, perfect burning, good draught. TOP PREMIUM.
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Credo Ligas Churchill – a Churchill Format like it should be. Impressive in all aspects. SUPER-PREMIUM.
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Credo Ligas Double Corona – the flagship of this series, here all is ok, workmanship, burning, draught and aroma. SUPER PREMIUM.
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delivery in little wood box.

No delivery of solo-cigars
25 cigars per unit

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