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Cuba Havana


Biggest “Island” of the Antilles, 110922 km², ap.. 10 mill. inhabitants, discovered 1492 by Columbus. Until 1898 Spanish, since 1902 independent republic, since 1956 revolution under Fidel Castro against the dictatorship of General Batista. Capital La Habana. Tropical hot climate with heavy precipitation of the trade winds. Swampy coasts, interior partly to karst developed hills and plateaus, in der Sierra Maestra 2560 m high. Sugar-bane, corn, rice, coffee, cocoa, TOBACCO, fruits, sisal and cotton.

The first name that was put in the trademark registration office of Havana, was Bernadino Rencurrel in the year 1810. Indeed Cuba had started its local production of cigars already before middle of 18th century. The ancestors of Spanish colonists had developed the cultivation of the tobacco plant and now they did like to stay sole exporters of natural tobacco leafs but to start a cigar production on their own. The speedy development of ship-based transport, the steam engine and the just building United States of America made the rise of Cuban tobacco plants possible, but also the fall of Spanish tobacco plants in Sevilla.

The most of the big companies in Cuba were founded in the first half of 19th century. PARTAGAS in 1827, POR LARRANAGA 1834, H. UPMANN 1844, LA CORONA 1845, PUNCH 1840, EL REY DEL MUNDO 1848, ROMEO Y JULIETA 1850. The famous MONTECRISTO appeared much later. The cigar met its first boom.

Many of these earlier founded trademarks disappeared just before or after First World war, others were abolished when Fidel Castro came to his government. The rise of big Cuban cigar dynasties was paid by Spanish rivals. The plants in Sevilla had to close in 1900. But nevertheless the Spanish never felt any bitterness versus Cubans, but they grow to become their best customer. Today, still Spain imports more than 40 million cigars each year.

The 1st World war and the stock exchange crash 1929 finished this cigar boom. Under General Batista there were 960 trademarks still registered. Castro wished to reduce their number down to 4 trademarks and ordered to do so at once. This was a real catastrophe for Havana cigars. But suddenly the Cuban government stopped their decision and decided to ask well-known cigar-trader Zino Davidoff for advice. They saw the wisdom in his words and after and after they produced again more than 300 different trademarks.

Minis and Midis

Cigar’s paradise Cuba. License production in Europe.

Cuban Mini and Midi Cuban Mini and Midi -cigars (cigarillos) – appreciated – made in EU from original authentic pure Cuban tobaccos – in license production.Original Cuban cigars (made in Cuba) are to be found in our Cuban/Havanna department.

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