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The Netherlands

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100 % Tobacco, made in Holland

olif09.jpg (9672 bytes) De Olifant – as time has not moved. Since 1832 tobacco products are made in a monumental building. From former times the basements for success of tobacco plant “De Olifant” (Der Elefant) lies in the usage natural-pure material of highest quality, in a workmanship and a best possible packaging material that enriches smelling and taste.Thanks to the unique production technique cigars of tobacco plant “De Olifant” have the best taste quoting the opinion of many. The tobacco plant “De Olifant” hopes, that her way of quality shows a new way of smoking.

The different smoking :
For the comfortable moments of life … Kosten … enjoying … conscious … magnificent aroma … natural … not inhaling … relaxing … own master.


The tobacco plant “De Olifant” ist the world-wide only plant that uses only Sumatra-sandleaf as coverage. This carefully selected sand-leaf origins from best plantations of Sumatra. The Wrapper is from the eastern part of Java. The filling consists for every type of an individual well-balanced melange of quality tobaccos from Cuba, Brasil, Java and Sumatra.

We deliver:

article-number article-name price/cigar in EUR contents# product info
C-NL-DO-500420 Fantje 1,15 10, 20 click here for detailed order info
C-NL-DO-500422 Knakje 1,25 10, 20 click here for detailed order info
C-NL-DO-500424 V.O.C. 1,25 10, 20 click here for detailed order info
C-NL-DO-500426 Corona 1,70 10, 20 click here for detailed order info
C-NL-DO-500428 Matelief 1,50 8, 20 click here for detailed order info
C-NL-DO-500430 Ivory 2,95 10 click here for detailed order info
C-NL-DO-500431 Fidelio 4,00 25 click here for detailed order info
C-NL-DO-500432 Sortimentskiste 74 click here for detailed order info

*) Full currency swap option in the INFO area

De Olifant “Fantje”, “Knakje”, “V.O.C.”
De Olifant, The Netherlands
Measures :

  • Fanjte Ø 8 mm, length 70 mm, 1,0 gram
  • Knakje Ø 11 mm, length 85 mm, 2,2 gram
  • V.O.C. Ø 10 mm, length 90 mm, 2,2 gram
Fantje – a small cigarillo. The very best in the very smallest. For comfortable moments. For a short time. Smoking about 8 minutes.
Knakje – a cigarillo as Figurado. A small comfortable mild cigar. For coffee or after lunch. Of course enlight it at the top. Smoking about 20 minutes.
V.O.C. – small Senorita of big format. For comfortable moments the peculiar extra. Smoking about 20 minutes.
delivery in a little cedarwood box.
no delivery of Solo-Cigars
content 10 or 20 Cigars per unit

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De Olifant “Corona”, “Matelief”, “Ivory”
De Olifant, The Netherlands
Measures :

  • Corona Ø 13 mm, length 110 mm, 4,4 gram
  • Matelief Ø 13 bis 90 mm, length 3,2 mm
  • Ivory Ø 16 mm, length 145 mm, 8,2 gram
Corona – is actually a Panatela Fina. This elegant cigar has a full, strong aroma. A real delight after a meal. Smoking about 40 minutes.
Matelief – a Demi-Tasse or Chico-format. This cigar gets its peculiar mild character from the relation of length and thickness. A cigar for the true connoisseur. Smoking 25 minutes.
Ivory – a classical Corona. The Ivory – “tusk”, the most precious an elephant has to offer. This masterpiece with an additional smell of Havanna burns with a white color. A cigar of first ranking. Smoking about 70 minutes.
delivery in a little cedarwood box.
no delivery of Solo-Cigars
content 8, 10, 20 Cigars per unit

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De Olifant “Fidelio”, “De Olifant assortment box”
De Olifant, The Netherlands
Measures :

  • Fidelio Ø 17,5 mm, length 195 mm, 12,2 gram
  • assortment box – various De Olifant Cigars
Fidelio – a Double Corona. The latest creation from De Olifant. The ultimate smoking. Smoking about 135 minutes.
Sortimentskiste – of every something, for everyone something. 84 cigars from De Olifant production. Delivery in a real nut-tree box.
delivery in a little cedarwood box or in a nut-tree box
no delivery of Solo-Cigars
content 25 or 87 cigars per unit

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