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Don Carlo
100 % Tobacco-Long-Filler
hand made
Islas Canarias

Don Carlo – well rolled cigar with earth- and wood-taste aroma, full-bodied in its taste with clear Cuba nuance. Medium-strong up to strong. Long filler, rolled by hand.

The filling consists of Cuban tobaccos. The binder origins in Dominican Republic. The wrapper is Colorado-Connecticut Shade.

We deliver :

article-number article-name price/cigar in EUR contents# product info
Panetelas 1,94 25 click here for detailed order info
C-ES-DC-500236 Exhibition 1,94 25 click here for detailed order info
Real Corona 2,45 25 click here for detailed order info
Robustos 3,48 25 click here for detailed order info

*) Full currency swap option in the INFO area

Don Carlo “Panetelas”, “Exhibition”, “Real Corona”, “Robustos”
Don Carlo, Islas Canarias
Measures :

  • Panetelas Ø 13 mm, length 140 mm, 5,2 gram
  • Exhibition Ø 16,5 mm, length 134 mm, 9,3 gram
  • Real Corona Ø 18,5 mm, length 140 mm, 11,5 gram
  • Robustos Ø 19,5 mm, length 120 mm, 12,2 gram
Panetelas – a classical Panetela. Elegant cigar, enormous richness in its aroma.
Exhibition – a classical Corona. Perfectly rolled, gentle in its smoke, wood-like aromas with a Cuba-touch.
Real Corona – a Gran Corona. Handwork pure, cool and comfortable in its smoke, earth-like aromas.
Robustos – a perfect Robusto-format. Perfect burning, optimum in its draw, clear Cuba-touch in its taste.
delivery in a little wood box.
no delivery of Solo-Cigars
content 25 Cigars per unit

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