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100 % Tobacco Longfiller
hecho a mano en Dominican Republic

cfdj02.jpg (20982 bytes) DON JUAN PLATINUM, a specialty of Dominican Republic, made by hand, consists of a filler from Dominican tobaccos and tobaccos from Nicaragua, a binder from Dominican tobaccos and a Connecticut Shade wrapper.
In total medium-to-full-bodied with a creamy and smooth character, DON JUAN PLATINUM will also and especially delight the true cigar aficionado and connoisseur.
Filler Dominican Republic
Binder Dominican Republic
Wrapper Connecticut Shade
Characteristics A specialty for the connoisseur

We deliver :

Article name price/item in EUR contents# INFO


C-DM-DJ-25420125 Lindas 3,58 25 Click here for detailed product info
C-DM-DJ-25420525 Cetros 4,50 25 Click here for detailed product info
C-DM-DJ-25421025 Robustos 4,60 25 Click here for detailed product info
C-DM-DJ-25421525 Numero uno 4,91 25 Click here for detailed product info
C-DM-DJ-25422025 Churchill 6,34 25 Click here for detailed product info

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DON JUAN PLATINUM “Lindas”, “Cetros”
DON JUAN PLATINUM, Dominican Republic

Ø in mm

Length in mm

Length Inch









cfdj02.jpg (20982 bytes) Lindas – a small Corona, perfect burning, good draught, very good workmanship. TOP PREMIUM.
Cetros – a classical Corona, a cigar for any day-time.
delivery in a little wood box
No delivery of solo-cigars.
25 cigars.

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DON JUAN PLATINUM “Robustos”, “Numero Uno”, “Churchill”
DON JUAN PLATINUM, Dominican Republic

Ø in mm

Length in mm

Length Inch





Numero Uno








cfdj02.jpg (20982 bytes) Robustos – a classical Corona. Light draught, superior in taste and aroma. TOP PREMIUM.
Numero Uno – in fact a Churchill size. Perfect workmanship convince together with taste and aroma.SUPER-PREMIUM.
Churchill – nearly a Double-Corona in size. An special event for special moments. SUPER-PREMIUM.
delivery in a little wood box.
No delivery of solo-cigars.
25 cigars per package

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