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Don Juan Urquijo
made in Philippines

Don Juan Urquijo – the flagship, the Top brand of La Flor de la Isabella series. Very conscientious made cigar, that is produced only in limited edition. The filling consists of a blend of several tobaccos from the Philippines plus some Dominican and Brasil tobaccos. The very special of this cigar is the filling : only age-groups of tobaccos (here 1993) were selected, the best of the best, and this is really enjoyable and desirable.

The binder is from the Philippines, the wrapper is Connecticut Shade. The Cigars have their own character, and they belong to the best that you can buy actually.

The cigars are light, very delicious and full of finest aroma. The excellent optical impression is confirmed by the very good rolled and balanced burning cigar.

A dream of Premium cigar with special nuances in taste and flavor. Unfolds itself to the connoisseur.

We deliver :

article-number article-name contents# product info
Figurado 25 click here for detailed order info
Corona 25 click here for detailed order info
Robusto 25 click here for detailed order info
Churchill 25 click here for detailed order info

*) Full currency swap option in the INFO area

Don Juan Urquijo “Figurado”, “Corona”, “Robusto”, “Churchill”
Don Juan Urquijo, Philippines

  • Figurado Ø 18 mm, length 142 mm, 9,1 gram
  • Corona Ø 18,5 mm, length 142 mm, 11,1 gram
  • Robusto Ø 20,6 mm, length 128 mm, 13,3 gram
  • Churchill Ø 19 mm, length 178 mm, 14,8 gram
Figurado – a dream of cigar. Optical perfect, extraordinary even in its burning. Cunning nuances in its taste.
Corona – a Gran Corona. Extraordinary solid workmanship, relatively light.
Robusto – a dream-like premium-cigar. Very delicious, full of finest aromas.
Churchill – the TOP-Cigar of this brand. One of the best cigars that are offered today.
delivery of each in a little wood box.
no delivery of solo-cigars .
content 25 Cigars per unit .

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