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Dominican Republic

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100 % Tobacco-Longfiller,
hecho a mano Dominican Republic

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Nat Sherman Fifth Avenue - an exclusive and extraordinary packaging covers 10 cigars. They are medium-strong, delicately balanced. In total 5 sizes available. We offer 3 sizes for your choice.The great era of cigars is captured by the very tobacconist who started it all – Nat Sherman. With an extraordinary packaging concept that is worthy of the 100 % Dominican Republic beauties inside, the Fifth Avenue Selection has a medium body flavor with a delicate balance. Ten to a drum, we offer with pride the most stylish cigar in a long, long time.

We deliver :

Article-number Article name price/item in EUR contents# product info
Fifth Avenue
N° I 4,50 10 click here for detailed order info
N° IV 5,01 10 click here for detailed order info
N° V 5,01 10 click here for detailed order info
FIFTH AVENUE “N° I”, “N° IV”, “N° V”
Measures :
  • “N° I” Ø 15,1 mm length 140 mm weight 8,2 gram
  • “N° IV” Ø 19,8 mm length 128 mm weight 12,8 gram
  • “N° V” Ø 17,1 mm length 158 mm weight 12,1 gram
N° I – a classical Corona, fine in its taste, medium strong. TOP-PREMIUM.
N° IV – a beautiful Robusto, very good in aroma and taste. Well balanced. TOP-PREMIUM.
N° V – an elegant Lonsdale, elegant aromas and delicate taste. TOP-PREMIUM.
delivery in exclusive special packaging
No delivery of solo-cigars
10 cigars per box

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