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An event of younger history has changed the numbers and facts a little bit : on 3rd of Oktober 1990 the former German Democratic Republic joined the Federal Republic of Germany in accordance with article 23 of the Basic Law (constitution). The Federal Republic of Germany has an area of 356910 km². Geographically the country is divided in the high mountains in the South and the following medium-high mountains and the low-lands in the North.

The highest point is the Zugspitze mountain in the Alpes with 2963 m, the medium-high mountains reach up to 1500 m. 48 % of the area are used for agriculture. 30 % are forests. Ore deposits are hard coal, brown coal, iron, copper and potassium salt. Germany has a very dense street network and a fine infrastructure.

An ancient cigar-country that has seen as highs and lows of cigars. Many of the smaller plants were not able to survive. Today production is concentrated on some few producers, but these are producing cigars for the highest demands.

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