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Las Cabrillas – a definite tasty, medium-strong Cigar from Honduras with a light pepper- and woodwind flavor and a smell of sweetness.

Las Cabrillas Cigars are offered in a full variation of formats. They offer for each smoker just the right. The many slim formats are usable especially für a break and for people having full bursting time tables.

The filling consists of tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico. The wrapper is USA/Connecticut Shade (light up to medium).

We deliver :

article-number article-name price/cigar in EUR contents# product info
C-HD-LC-500440 Puritos 1,80 20 click here for detailed order info
C-HD-LC-500441 Petitos 1,90 20 click here for detailed order info
C-HD-LC-500442 Panetela 2,20 20 click here for detailed order info
Largo-Fino 2,20 20 click here for detailed order info
C-HD-LC-500444 Corona-Panetelas 2,40 20 click here for detailed order info
C-HD-LC-500445 Coronados 2,60 20 click here for detailed order info
C-HD-LC-500446 El Prados 2,60 20 click here for detailed order info
C-HD-LC-500447 Petite Coronas 2,40 20 click here for detailed order info
C-HD-LC-500448 Corona Especiales 2,50 20 click here for detailed order info
C-HD-LC-500449 Magellan´s 3,00 20 click here for detailed order info
Coronas 3,30 20 click here for detailed order info
C-HD-LC-500551 Supreme 3,20 20 click here for detailed order info

*) Full currency swap option in the INFO area

Las Cabrillas “Corona Especiales”, “Magellan´s”, “Coronas”, “Supreme”
Las Cabrillas, Honduras
  • Corona Especiales Ø 17 mm, length 140 mm, 10,0 Gramm
  • Magellan´s Ø 15 mm, length 153 mm, 10,3 Gramm
  • Coronas Ø 16 mm, length 160 mm, 12,0 Gramm
  • Supreme Ø 19 mm, length 178 mm, 14 Gramm
Corona Especiales – a classical Corona. Intensive aroma, fine up to medium strong.
cabri09.jpg (7109 bytes)
Magellan´s – a slim Corona. Exclusive aroma with nuances of wood and pepper.
cabri10.jpg (7147 bytes)
Coronas – a Gran Corona. Elegant. Fine aromatic-taste. Medium-strong.
Supreme – a Double Corona. Cool in its smoke, perfect in its burning. Full-bodied aroma with various nuances of wood. TOP Price/Performance ratio.
cabri11.jpg (8623 bytes)
delivery in a little wood box.
no delivery of Solo-Cigars
cabri14.jpg (7257 bytes)
content 20 Cigars per unit .

gunhottr.gif (7208 bytes)

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