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Estados Unidos Mexicanos, Latino-american federal republic between Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean. 31 federal states and 1 federal district. 1.972.547 km², 72 million inhabitants, capital Ciudad de Mexico.

The kingdom of the Aztecs was conquered between 1519 and 1521 by Cortez, until 1810 Spanish vice-kingdom, 1820 declaration of Independence, 1822/23 empire (General Iturbe). 1823 republican constitution and federal state like USA.1846-48 war against USA, that won Texas, New.Mexico and California. 1858-61 Civil war, 1863 empire with Erzhzg. Maximilian v. Österreich as emperor (1867 shot by republicans), again republic. 1917 new constitution.

Climate: humid hot cost plains, hillside temperate with rich precipitation, dry highlands. Mostly agriculture : Corn, wheat, peas and beans, tomato, pepper, cotton, sisal, coffee, tobacco, in lower plains also rice and sugar-bane. Live stock breeding : sheeps, goats, cattle, pigs. Ore deposits : silver, gold, copper, lead, graphite, iron, antimony, quicksilver and petroleum.

We offer the following brands:

BRAND OF THE MONTH SANTA CLARA cyse05.gif (1025 bytes)


AROMAS DE SAN ANDRES cyse08.gif (11099 bytes) cyse05.gif (1025 bytes)
DON CAMILLO cyse08.gif (11099 bytes) cyse05.gif (1025 bytes)
reen01.gif (7573 bytes) EXCELSIOR cyse09.gif (16670 bytes) cyse08.gif (11099 bytes) cyse05.gif (1025 bytes)
99new.gif (1092 bytes) SANTA CLARA cyse09.gif (16670 bytes) cyse05.gif (1025 bytes)
99new.gif (1092 bytes) SANTA CLARA SPECIAL E. cyse09.gif (16670 bytes) cyse05.gif (1025 bytes)
TE AMO cyse09.gif (16670 bytes) cyse08.gif (11099 bytes) cyse05.gif (1025 bytes)
TE AMO – NEW YORK LINE cyse09.gif (16670 bytes) cyse05.gif (1025 bytes)
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