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Republica de Filipinas, south-east-asian republic, the most north-eastern groups of islands in Malaysian archipelago between Pacific Ocean and Southchinese Sea. Ap. 300.000 km², ap. 46 mill. inhabitants, capital Manila. 7000 smaller and 11 big islands. Tropical hot monsoon driven climate.

Discovered by Magalhaes 1521, since 1565 colonized by Spain. In the 19th century useless efforts to get independence. After the Spanish-American war 1898 under administration of USA, 1916 limited autonomy. Since 1946 independent republic. Economic base is agriculture : rice, cotton, cocos, sugar-bane, TOBACCO, banana, mango/passion fruit, coffee, cocoa, kapok, rubber, vegetables, peas. Ore deposits : gold, silver, chrome, copper, manganium, quicksilver and gas and petroleum.

The cigars of Manila own a worldwide fine name. Trademarks as Celestino Vega, Don Juan Urquijo, Tabacalera y Flor de Isabella show this high standard.

We offer the following brands:



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