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We deliver :

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H-US-CF-29890011 Travel Size Humidor 29,00 max. 10 Click here for detailed product info


H-US-CF-29890031 Pocket Size Humidor max. 3-4 Click here for detailed product info

*) Approx. load capacity of cigars

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PRESERV ADOR “TRAVEL SIZE HUMIDOR” cfpr011b.jpg (7914 bytes)
cfpr011h.jpg (13671 bytes) PRESERV ADOR, USA

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Specifications :

  • spanish cedar wood interior
  • hull from ABS-synthetics, waterproof and densely closed
  • Unique humidifier
  • Refill humidifier by distilled water
  • max. 10 Cigarren Kapazität
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Specifications :

  • Pocket size humidor from ABS-synthetics
  • incl. humidifier
  • inside lined with cedarwood
  • holds up to max. 3-4 cigars

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