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Stixx Cigars
100 % Tobacco, Short-Filler, made in EU

STIXX – it is modern, outside. Nearly fashionable up to date. Comes cheeky and unconventional. Shows itself in all colors of the rainbow but straight and without flourish. Is exactly not what many are. Conformist, opportunistic, elaborate. In its nature only listening to one main directive :

For the good, for the selected, for the absolute joy.

Who does not look for conventions, who does not use traditional experiences, will discover here his Cigarillo.


A real signal for the passionate smoker. 100 % Tobacco. Three different flavors with determinate emphasis of their different origin.

We deliver :

article-number article-name contents# product info


C-EU-DU-223351 STIXX´s Brazil 20
C-EU-DU-223308 STIXX´s Mild 20
C-EU-DU-223301 STIXX´s Sumatra 20
STIXX´s “Brazil”, “Mild”, “Sumatra”
STIXX, European Union

  • STIXX´s Brazil Ø 8,2 mm, length 85 mm, 1,1 gram
  • STIXX´s Mild Ø 8,2 mm, length 85 mm, 1,1 gram
  • STIXX´s Sumatra Ø 8,2 mm, length 85 mm, 1,1 gram
100 % Tobacco. The composition of selected harvests gives a constant high quality in its smoking. In any of the following tastes.
stixx02.jpg (3231 bytes) STIXX´s Brazil – the wrapper with extraordinary characteristic Brasil-structure lies above an air-dried binder. The filler is composed from Brasil-, Java-, Havana- and Burley-Tobaccos. s Deckblatt mit ausgeprägter charakteristischer Brasil-Struktur liegt über dem luftgetrockneten Umblatt. Smooth, aromatic-taste, full of volume.
stixx03.jpg (3339 bytes) STIXX´s Mild – a thin, birght yellow Connecticut wrapper merges extraordinary harmonically with the binder adn the filling that has a determined part of oriental Havana-, Java- and Burley-tobaccos. Round, mild and aromatic-taste.
stixx01.jpg (3169 bytes) STIXX´s Sumatra – a fine Sumatra-wrapper covers the air-dried binder and emphasizes the typical taste. In the filling Java-, Brasil- and Havana-tobaccos are dominating. Fragrant, fine aromatic-taste.
delivery in a pocket box.
no delivery of Solo-Cigars
content 20 Cigars per unit

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