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Tobacco Field
100 % Tobacco, made in Denmark

TOBACCO FIELD – is made from 100 % Tobacco. The filling consists of characteristic light tobaccos of the Dominican Republic, the binder is Java Besuki and the wrapper is hand-harvested Connecticut.

The tobacco-composition is light, but with a comfortable aroma. TOBACCO FIELD was created for the smoker of today, who prefers an elegant cigar or cigarillo in modern format.

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Tobacco Field

C-DN-TF-010600 N° 2 Corona SOLD click here for detailed order info
C-DN-TF-010590 N° 5 Midi SOLD click here for detailed order info
C-DN-TF-010581 N° 9 Mini 20 click here for detailed order info

Hot Product

Tobacco Field “N° 2 Corona”, “N° 5 Midi”, “N° 9 Mini”
Tobacco Field, Denmark

  • N° 2 Corona Ø 17,5 mm, length 140 mm, 8,5 gram
  • N° 5 Midi Ø 10 mm, length 123 mm, 2,1 gram
  • N° 9 Mini Ø 8 mm, length 86 mm, 1,0 gram
N° 2 Corona – a classical Corona. Good burning, light in its smoke, fine aromatic-taste aroma.
N° 5 Midi – a Perla-format. Slim elegant cigar.
N° 9 Mini - a Cigarillo a cigarette format.
delivery in a move-/ or lid-box
no delivery of Solo-Cigars
content 3, 5, 20 Cigars per unit

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