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A. G. B.

§ 1 Object of Internetshop Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide

Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide sells cigars, pipes, pipe tobaccos, humidors, ashtrays, leather-etuis, smoker-tools and other tobacco products only over internet mediumt. Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide is not a producer of one of the offered products and acts only as a reseller.

Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide does not offer cigarettes.

§ 2 Exclusion of liability

Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwideis not liable for possible from consum of cigars, tobacco products, pipes and other similar smoking products related damages or injuries – neither during the consum nor ever later after the consum or use. The customer, shopper (buyer) accepts that possible damages in his health have to attended by himself while he orders and pays the products.

Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide acts only as reseller and is not subject of a producer’s liability.

§ 3 Conditions of delivery

Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide has the right in case of problems to retouch an order. Top ten Cigars and tobacco are products of perishable character.

The “far-distance-delivery law” applies with all its exceptions.


Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide delivers worldwide. There are different freight costs for the following regions/areas.

We deliver always original authentic products of the named producer with a German tax revenue seal that can be seen as a proof of quality.

Delivery of tobacco-products (products that contain tobacco):
Worldwide delivery / rest of the world
Attention : a delivery of tobacco related products (products made from tobacco) like cigars, cigarillos, pipetobacco will not be done. Cigarettes are not part of our assortment.
Delivery to Germany (Federal Republic of Germany)
All products are available for German shipment addresses.
No delivery to a member state of the European Union
Attention : No delivery of tobacco-containing products will be done.
No delivery to U.S.A.
Attention : No delivery of tobacco-containing products will be done.

Freight costs and minimum order value :

Worldwide delivery:

We delivery worldwide – in any “edge” of the world – guaranteed.

  • We deliver from EURO/EUR 50,00 order value
  • We deliver from EURO/EUR 250,00 order value without any freight costs or charges
  • Orders below EURO/EUR 250,00 order value will be charged with a flat-rate of EURO/EUR 12,00

Federal Republic of Germany :

  • We deliver from EUR 25,00 order value
  • We deliver from EUR 100,00 order value without any freight costs or charges
  • Orders below EUR 100,00 order value will be charged with a flat-rate of EUR 6,00

Member states of the Europäischen Union:

A delivery to member states of the European Union (except Federal Republic of Germany) will not be done.

If a certain order value is not reached, because Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide cannot deliver all ordered products within a reasonable period, the part of the order that is deliverable will be delivered at the conditions of the original order value.


Normally the transport/shipment will be done by the following variations :

Delivery target Delivery medium Estimated transportation time *)
Worldwide Delivery DHL / Deutsche Post 3 up to 15 days
Federal Republic of Germany DHL / Deutsche Post 2 (48 hours)
Member states of the European Union DHL / Deutsche Post 3 up to 10 days (if a delivery is performed)
U.S.A. DHL / Deutsche Post 3 up to 12 days

*) There is no right of the above written transportation time. It is an estimated value that has been won from a careful finding of an average of some thousand deliveries with a time-buffer added- Deliveries can reach their target sooner. But there is also the possibility that a longer transportation time occurs. The given values can therefore be only an general orientation.

Acceptance of orders:

The acceptance of the order application of the customer/buyer is done under the reservation that :

a) A delivery/shipment will first take place after the invoice has been paid

b) The order form has been filled properly

c) A valid email address is given for requests while order processing

d) A delivery to a country will only be done, if this country is actually being delivered.

If one of these conditions is not fulfilled, Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide is free to refuse the order application of the buyer without any further interaction or reply (silent refuse).

§ 4 Prices

The prices that are invoiced in EURO contain the German tobacco tax.

Possible arising costs for taxes, excises or custom duties in the target state or target country have to be paid by the buyer.

The prices that are shown interactively are valid with the reservation of possible mistakes (data input) or other input errors. The buyer/customer is responsible to configure his “Browser software” in a way, that changes in the web-offer are always transmitted to the client-host (customer PC), there the buyer is responsible not to hold or save old text or files on his PC in way that an update of server data is impossible.

Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide will control all incoming orders again with an internal database at Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide. The prices of this internal database are always decisive, also in case of the buyer could not see these prices during his online visit in the internet shop. In case of price differences the buyer/customer will receive an email that will contain the order number and a new order value. The customer has to reconfirm by redoing the payment function within a special payment center function within the shop. By doing this, the customer reconfirms that he indeed wants to order the products at the actual pricing.

§ 5 Invoice currency

Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide invoices generally in EURO/EUR. With orders to a shipment address different from Federal Republic of Germany (worldwide, but not EU) US$/USD may alternatively be used to invoice.

§ 6 Cancel of an order

The “far-distance-delivery law” applies with all its exceptions.

Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide offers a huge assortment of products. Therefor the internal workflow must guarantee a very efficient and fast processing of an order.

In general an order cannot be canceled by a customer after submission. Nevertheless Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide accepts a cancel-request within one hour (time hour) after submission of the order. Cancel-request later than hour after submission of the order are not valid and will not be accepted and the order will be processed further on. The point of time of submission of the order is decisive not the point of time of delivery of a possible order receipt confirmation sent by Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide.

A later cancel of an order is only possible with a full confirmation by Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide. A sole late declaration of the customer is not sufficient to cancel an active order.

§ 7 Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide has the address :

Waldemar Jaudzims Vertrieb von Tabakwaren und Zubehör
Altenbergring 5
Igersheim, D-97999

Any legal case arising among full-businessmen (merchants) will be heard at 97980 Bad Mergentheim, DE, Germany

§ 8 Warning of the minsters of health of the European Union

The ministers of health :

  • “Smoking endangers health”.
  • “Smoking causes heart and vessel diseases”

§ 9 Minimum age for ordering

A customer that orders products, that are offered by Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide, are of age and confirms this by sending and paying the order.

Holders of credit cards will be seen as of age.

§ 10 Other agreements

If a delivery/shipment is done to states or countries that have concerning the below § 1 listed products a more strict handling than it is given in the Federal Republic of Germany, the buyer/customer releases either Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide or the original producer from any liability. This agreement is especially in force with deliveries/shipments of tobacco products to states or countries whose import laws demand special conditions, controlling or settlements concerning the labeling of the product packaging or the information of the buyer of health risks. In this case a delivery/shipment will be done in the entire and alone liability of the buyer/customer. Other today not known conditions or demands of a state or country from which a buyer/customer is acting as an importer (private or business) are attended by the buyer/customer alone and entirely. Either producers of products listed below § 1 on one side or Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide as reseller on the other side are totally released by the buyer/customer from the duty of knowledge and keeping of import conditions, import demands and import rules or taxes of the target state or country that will receive the delivery/shipment. Corresponding later demands, claims or rights of the buyer/customer or the state or country, that will receive the delivery/shipment, are excluded.

Cyber Cigar Direct Worldwide will keep the existing import ban for products from Cuba into USA, therefore customers from the USA will not be supplied with cigars that are produced in Cuba. Further more tobacco related products (products made from tobacco) in total (regardless the production country) like cigars, cigarillos, pipe tobacco will not be shipped to USA.

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