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United States of America – federal republic in north America (50 states and 1 federal district). 9.363124 km², ap. 233 mill. inhabitants, capital Washington. All climates. History : Indians.

After discoveries of J. Cabots 1497 English demands. Explored under Elisabeth I. by F. Drake and Sir W. Raleigh. First English colony : Virginia. From 1603 systematic colonization by English trade companies. Total 13 colonies were founded. 1776 declaration of Jefferson-drafted independence. 1787 federal constitution. 1861-65 secession war between north and south. By the end of 19th century start up in world politics under president President MC Kinley (1897-1901) u. Th. Roosevelt (1901-1909).

Big richness in all important ore deposits. Biggest economic and military power of the world. Heavy mechanized agriculture with enormous yield in corn, wheat, oats, barley, rye, rice,USA cigars, TOBACCO, sugar-bane, fruits, vegetables and tropical fruits. Leading cotton producer of the world (50 % market share)..

USA are an important producer of tobacco as well of wrappers and pure tobaccos for pipe tobaccos.

We deliver the following brands :



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