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VAUEN – the passionate pipe maker – since 1848


A passion which brings people together. The people who, these days, which are characterized by the hectic nature of contemporary lifestyles, put aside the time for a passion are very special people indeed. The enjoyment of a genuine pipe, the pleasure of a pleasant aroma, effused by noble pipe tobacco, is such a passion which unites people the world over. To all those who maintain their love for the details of daily life, VAUEN sells top quality pipes, filters, tobacco and accessories. (Alexander Eckert).

VAUEN – a passion that connects.

Quality and an abundance of ideas are traditional characteristics of VAUEN, which go back 150 years. This means 150 years of craft skill paired with contemporary technology. 150 years experience of the individual wishes of the pipe-lovers of today and tomorrow. Come with us through the world of VAUEN – the passionate pipe maker – since 1848.

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Company´s historyInnovations

Production of a pipe in 12 steps

150 years of tradtion and modern times

The world of the pipe smoker

Well around the VAUEN-pipe

We deliver :

Pipe series Prices
per pipe
from/up to
in EUR
Model# Series-info
Zeppelin pipe 148,27 1 click here for detailed order info
Kono 163,61/199,40 3 click here for detailed order info
Natural-meerschaum 4 click here for detailed order info
Sports 145,72 6 click here for detailed order info
O´Timer 101,24/140,61 9 click here for detailed order info
Premium 127,82 6 click here for detailed order info
Sterling Silver 66,47/86,92 14 click here for detailed order info
Select 50,62/111,97 12 click here for detailed order info
Select Sterling Silver 50,62/111,97 6 click here for detailed order info
Mc Rooty 26 click here for detailed order info
Jubileumsedition 18 click here for detailed order info
Sir 74,14 6 click here for detailed order info
Linea 63,91/75,67 6 click here for detailed order info
Smoking 71,07 3 click here for detailed order info
Fun 65,45 5 click here for detailed order info
De Luxe 50,62 4 click here for detailed order info
Reader´s pipes 38,35 3 click here for detailed order info
Classic 35,28 9 click here for detailed order info
Meerschaum-inset 48,57 7 click here for detailed order info
Designed by C. Barontini
series 490, 590
12 click here for detailed order info
Designed by C. Barontini
series180, 280
11 click here for detailed order info
Designed by C. Barontini
series 580, 190, 290
17 click here for detailed order info
New autumn 98 models
Jahrgangspfeifen 1998 3 click here for detailed order info
Slim Standard 8 click here for detailed order info
Slim Rustified 4 click here for detailed order info
Slim Smooth 4 click here for detailed order info
Exclusiv 3 click here for detailed order info
Classic New Models 12 click here for detailed order info
Designed by C. Barontini
Series 120
6 click here for detailed order info
Designed by C. Barontini
Series 220
6 click here for detailed order info
Designed by C. Barontini
Series 420
6 click here for detailed order info
Designed by C. Barontini
Series 520
6 click here for detailed order info

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Company´s history

In 1848 founded by Karl Ellenberger and his business-partner August Ziener

vauen vauen vau004c.gif (5358 bytes) In 1848 tobacco pipes are produced from selected woods in the first
German pipe manufacturing company for connoisseurs throughout
the world.
Alexander Eckert

5 generations of passionate pipemakers

vau005.jpg (3892 bytes) The Vereinigte Pfeifenfabriken in Nuremberg (known in short as VPFN) was brought into being in 1901 with the amalgamation with the Gerhard Ott pipe factory founded in 1866, also in Nuremberg.In this way a business is created under management of Ernst Eckert, a scion of the founding family Ott, and its products and services were to attend and shape the culture of tobacco and smoking in Europe and and overseas for a long time – for 150 years now.
Ways forward, values and visionsIn the search of a term which be easy for all pipe friends to remember and not confuse with anything else, Ernst Eckert´s son, Adolf Eckert coins a new name for business in 1909.

VAUEN, consisting of the initial letters V (pronounced VAU) from Vereinigte Pfeifenfabriken and the N (pronounced EN) of Nuremberg. A brand name for the future has been created.

Working actively on behalf of the pipe-lover.After 1945 Ernst Eckert, son of Adolf Eckert, succeeds in overcoming the destructive effects of the war with an unshakeable pioneering spirit. VAUEN grows to become a business with a world-wide reputation once more. Alexander Eckert, now the fifth generation of pipemaker has been at the head of the oldest German pipe-manufacturing company since 1982. The company, which has been in the hands of the founder´s family since it was established, is expanding again in importance as a result of increased international commitment.


It is precisely in little things that the power of innovations can be seen. In 1921 VAUEN is one of the first manufacturers to introduce a paper filter for its pipes. VAUEN improves and develops the pipe-filter further and in 1934 presents a world novelty :

The Dr. Perl junior activated charcoal filter with a diameter of 9 mm.

vau052e.gif (3569 bytes)

A convincing innovation which in the course of time moves virtually all pipe manufacturers to convert their filter bores to 9 mm. VAUEN sets a far-reaching trend in motion with this invention. More than 95 % of all German pipe-lovers today smoke with an activated charcoal filter. Top performance in terms of filtration and the dry cool pleasure of smoking with a Dr. Perl junior filter is also resulting in a continual change in smoking habits outside Germany as well and it sells more than any other 9 mm activated charcoal filter in the world.

In order to maximise filtration performance VAUEN has fitted all pipe models with the Conex system since 1968.

A conical adapter running to a point within the mouthpiece of the pipe makes it possible for the filter to be perfectly seated and prevents the smoke from streaming past it. Another forward-looking invention from the VAUEN company which meets the high demands of true pipe enthusiasts.

Basically a pipe should be smoked only together with a filter – health is reason enough. Beside the special VAUEN-filters – naturally – there various filter systems used on market that base on different materials and technologies. Examples are :

  • Paper filter

  • Meerschaum filter

  • Silicagel filter

  • Other activated charcoal filters

Though using a filter, and here actually the activated charcoal filter, many undesired components of tobacco smoke (nicotine, condensate, moistness) are absorbed. Apart from this the filters gives to more side effects. It cools the smoke-stream and dries the smoke-canal. Here too, the maintenance of a pipe is much more easy when a filter is used regularly.

Production of a pipe in 12 steps

Pipemaking from passion

First class briar-wood (lat. Erica Arborea) from the sun-kissed Mediterranean region is a basic prerequisite for a “real” VAUEN as a high quality raw material. Only ten per cent of the briar root tubers dug out satisfy the high VAUEN standards and can be worked into pieces of wood which are suitable for pipe production. The briar-nodule grows very slowly. Ideally it has an age between 20 or 40 years when harvested. But there are still root-woods that are distinguished older.

vau036.gif (2114 bytes) 1 Plateau with a bark level and normal ebauchons2 Normal ebauchons from the inner part

3 core is not used for ebauchons

4 trunk wood that is only used for cheap low-quality pipes

5 root area, not to be used, because there are too many sand deposits and fissures

vau0018.jpg (2979 bytes) Highly-qualified VAUEN staff perfect nature´s unicums into shining examples of real pipe maker´s art with masterly skill.

The ebauchons (look above) are rated by the following criterias into 4 levels of quality :

  • Denseness and beauty of grain

  • From which part of the root the ebauchon has been cut

  • Distortion level of the wood

  • Size of the ebauchon

In 12 more steps to a ready-to-use pipe…

vau0019.jpg (2077 bytes) Sawing the rough outlines of the future pipe bowl.
vau0020.jpg (2626 bytes) While copy milling the more precise shape of the pipe bowl appears. Moreover this is the only semi-automated processing stage at VAUEN.
vau0021.jpg (1998 bytes) Checking and sorting of the the rough pipe bowls to meet quality criteria with the experienced eye of a master.
vau0025.jpg (2184 bytes) The air hole is bored..
vau0026.jpg (1795 bytes) The mouth piece is made of high quality acryl with the Conex system fitted. The internal conical connection sleeve guarantees the Dr. Perl junior activated charcoal filter the best possible fit.
vau0027.jpg (2007 bytes) The pipe-bowl and mouthpiece are sanded down to create a seamless join. This precision work is repeated up to five times to lend a particulary silken touch to the surface.
vau0022.jpg (2132 bytes) Special quality pipes are given a distinguishing mark, a white spot on the mouth piece.
vau0023.jpg (1989 bytes) Careful staining by hand in several passes and with various shades brings out the contrasts in the grain.
vau0024.jpg (2074 bytes) The pipe-bowl and mouthpiece is polished with wax.
vau0028.jpg (2144 bytes) The protection-coating is applied, this is a secret recipe of VAUEN. In this way the pipe-smoker can enjoy the pipe from the very first draught without having to endure the tiresome smoking in procedure.
vau0029.jpg (2528 bytes) The final quality control process. If the most minor of defects becomes apparent, the longpath of processing has to be taken from the beginning.
vau0030.jpg (2303 bytes) After 60 work stages all conducted by hand, the “genuine VAUEN” is given its distinctive mark: a VAUEN stamp and model number.

150 years of tradtion and modern times

150 years of combining the traditional with the modern
Pipesmokers today – lots of fun with communication and well seen everywhere

vau031.jpg (6337 bytes) 150 years of combining the traditional with the modern. Currently trends are released with first class pipes of finest briar-wood, just like the timeless shapes and colours of bygone eras. By bringing out several different models a year there is always something new on offer:
vau001.jpg (8638 bytes) Always something interesting – always the workmanship is of the proverbial quality standards associated with Germany. VAUEN manufactures more than 50.000 pipes a year. Every pipe devotee can select the pipes to suit him from a range of more than 250 different pipes.

The world of the pipe smoker

Die Welt des Pfeifenrauchens
Kein alltäglicher Alltag : Nicht nur der Beruf ist Leidenschaft

vau032.jpg (5279 bytes) The world of VAUEN is part of an attitude towards life. An approach shared by those people see beyond the end of their nose (and pipe-bowl). With peace and contemplation with them and life, and take an active part in contemporary events. Individial, highly imaginative, in just a very special way.
vau033.jpg (2705 bytes) Stylish and useful accessories together with selected, careful refined, tobacco from VAUEN are the ideal accompaniments for a VAUEN pipe. They are evidence of the passionate solidarity between pipemaker and pipe lover.
vau001.jpg (8638 bytes) Top quality and commitment for the needs of all passionate pipe-friends will also provide the drive for VAUEN the pipemaker and its staff in the bew millenium as well. VAUEN – the passionate pipemaker – since 1848.
vau035.jpg (7074 bytes)

Since 1911 the white spot (grey for export) on the mouthpiece signals a particularly refined pipe quality. Attractive patterns in the grain in the wood and the most time-consuming working by hand make the white spot quality pipes into valuable masterpieces.

whigray.gif (1271 bytes)

The implementation of a pipe

Briar-pipes know three different basic surface-structures:

  • smooth
  • sand-jet streamed
  • carved (rustified)

The ready-to-use pipe has either only one of these characteristics or a combination.

The smooth variation – the briar-pipe with a smooth surface may be let in its natural colouring or stained colored. The yield of this much praised and very valuable Straight Grain (= the grain is even vertically running) is very small. The winning ratio is 1-2 items per 1000 pieces. The pick-up of total perfect briar-pipe is nearly to be seen as a winnings in lottery.

The sand-jet streamed variation – by a 3-5 bar strong sand-jet the more smooth parts of the wood are being driven out and the more solid structure-wood keeps standing as grain. You may not only detect the grain optically but by your physical feeling. Touch it.

Remark : The wide spread opinion that sand-jet streamed pipes are pipe of a lower quality is strictly wrong. It is rather right that pipe with little spots and mistakes are being sand-jet streamed to keep the beauty and structure of the pipe. Doing sand-jet streaming removes the smooth parts of the wood by the strong sand-jet stream and the hard wood keeps standing as embossed relief. This means : wood of lower quality is being exposed.

The carved variation – in a work-intensive process by hand a relief-like surface is created. This surface guarantees an optimum in drawing off the heat.

The quality control, that is due either with sand-jet streamed and carved pipes or the smooth pipe, demands an experienced eye and a lot of knowledge, but it is necessary to expose mistakes in production and to remove the damaged items.

The mouthpiece

Good briar-pipes are equipped with a Para- or acrylic- mouthpiece. The material Para (also called rubber) is a natural product from the juice of the rubber plant. The rubber mouthpiece is somewhat smoother and more friendly to biting into it, but the disadvantage is that day light and other influences easily make it slightly gray (yellowed).

It is the advantage of the acrylic mouth piece that light and sun do not change color. The mouthpiece stays always shining. Acrylic is odourless and tasteless. Further mouthpiece made from horn or synthetic material. Though these materials may not be compared to the quality of mouthpiece made from Para or acrylic material.

There are actually two known kinds of “biting” to be found on the market:

  • Normal-bite, also called fishtail

  • lip-bite also called “Peterson”

Pipe-smokers who have a very sensitive tongue may use the lip-bite mouth-piece. The boring has been driven in a way that smoking-stream is directed vertically towards the smoker´s palate. This is for the sake of smoker´s tongue. Actually for beginners – this lip-bite is recommended.

Tips for the beginner

Tips for beginners

  • Choose a straight or slightly curved pipe, because it may be smoked more easier than a fully bend pipe
  • It is an advantage having a pipe-bowl with 6 mm wall-thickness – to smoke the pipe in a cool way.
  • The outline of the bowl is less important. But it should fit to your personality and fullfil the taste of the beginner
  • Important : Order the best you can afford. You will get rather dissatisfied.
  • A good briar-pipe is a better choice for the beginner than a meerschaum-pipe, because it is more sensitive against strikes and humidity.
  • A good compromise are wooden pipes with a meerschaum-inset. A sand-jet streamed pipe resists scratch and strikes better than a smooth highly polished one. The relief-like surface makes it robust and it stays cooler while smoking.
  • Ask for what opportunity you like to enjoy your pipe and how much time you have for a smoke-run. If you have approximately 45 minutes to smoke, we recommend a pipe with big tobacco-room. If you have only 20 minutes – we recommend a pipe with a more small tobacco-room. Possibly there is an advantage using a standing model – if you like to keep your hands free.
  • Lip-bite mouthpieces are ideal for beginners. The smoke meets the palate and not the – so far – still sensitive tongue.
  • Use a pipe with 9 mm filter-borehole and an activated charcoal filter, because this filter reduces the initial bite on your tongue and absorbes nicotine and condensate from tobacco smoke.
  • The first draught of a VAUEN-pipe may be done without any anxiety, because a special level inside the pipe protects the pipe and guarantees a delightful smoking from the very first beginning.
  • Important : if a pipe has a special protection level inside, it can be filled full from the very first beginning. If the tobacco room inside is without an protection level, it is recommended to fill the pipe only to a third while smoking the first 3 up to 5 smokings. After this the tobacco amount should be gradually increased.
  • A tobacco pipe hs to rest and cool after smoking tp dry totally. For this, you should own a collection of minimum 3 up to 4 pipes. Let your collection grow.

Tips for smoking a pipe

Tips for smoking a pipe

  • Fill the pipe in the lower area loosely, going upwards more densely pushing the tobacco in turns in.
  • Look for a light draught.
  • Lighting the pipe you should burn the entire surface of tobacco inside the pipe. Use a match or a lighter that is suitable for pipes. The swelling tobacco must be fixed using a tamper. Smoke quietly and slowly that the pipe does not end its job.
  • While smoking press the burning ash using a tamper again and again. If the pipe has got to hot, let it cool approxemately 5 minutes. First after this time, put again tobacco in, brush down the ash and light again. If your pipe stops burning to the end of your smoking session, so leave the small and humid-got tobacco remain to an ash tray. Otherwise there is a danger that your pipe develops a too big heat because of the relighting-process.
  • The tobacco crust should develop evenly from the upper area down to the lower area inside your pipe. It reserves a fine taste for tobacco and it is at the same time a highly effective protection for the pipe-wood.

The maintenance of a pipe

The maintenance of a pipe

Remove the ash knocking against your ball of the thumb or against cork of your ash tray. After a certain resting period open the cold pipe using turn-moves (attention : pipes with a built-in-screwed mouthpiece-tenon – especially meerschaum-pipes – have to be screwed always in the same direction while opening or closing – normal to the right) and clean the mouthpiece with a pipe cleaner moving the cleaner several times (attention : while reconnecting do not forget to screw in the right direction). Clean also the air canal and have a look that bore-canal is cleaned to the tobacco room – this will enlarge your delight. If you use a filter based pipe, use an fresh filter for every smoking.

When time goes by, the charcoal level in the pipe head becomes more thick. You should reduce this level repeatedly to 1 mm. Use the aid of pipe scratcher or pipe key. Simply turning the tool you bring the tobacco room to its normal dimension. But there should be always a thin protection level remain. And have also a look that pipe wood is not damaged.

Sometimes you should polish your still warm pipe with a woolen cloth. If the mouthpiece tenon seems totally fixed in its shaft, use our special pipe service stick – a special developed lubricant “oils” the tenon and the shaft hole. If the mouthpiece tenon seems to be to loose, let the smoke-warm pipe-head cool down without the mouth piece (but be careful about this!).

Have a look that you have the following basic set :

  • pipe cutlery
  • pipe cleaner
  • pipe filter
  • tobacco
  • matches

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