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Looking for a small, trendy pipe showing the actual trend ? Simple to use, well suited also for the smoker, who does not show experience with smoking pipes. We always recommend to smoke using 9 mm filters that are available inexpensively.

Smoking these pipes makes you attracting.

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The smallest of all pipes available with special tobacco-portions packaged in trendy medicine-like looking hulls. Tobacco may easily dropped into the pipe. Very easy to use. Very good for all who wish to encounter the easy delight of a pipe-smoke. Maybe also well for those who do not wish smoke cigarettes any longer.


15,00/17,40 18 Click here for detailed product info


The producer from The Netherlands offers a “starter”. Different from VAUEN PIPOO, any usual pipe-tobacco may be smoked in the pipe. We recommend some very well suited tobaccos, that are easy to use and not complicated and will also satisfy the demand of experienced connoisseurs !BIG BEN PIPOS are bigger than well-known PIPOOS, already pipes in the excat meaning. BIG BEN PIPOS offer pure delight without filters.


47,95 6 Click here for detailed product info

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