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The Netherlands

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zin99a01.jpg (6893 bytes) Smoking Cigars may be a really enjoyable experience. The perfect smoking can recall former times. To generate a mood. Or to show a lasting event. Having decided for a Zino Cigar, you can be sure to have selected the right cigar for the right moment. Zino Davidoff did this before you.

We deliver:

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Zino Jong 1,69 50

*) Full currency swap option in the INFO area

Zino Spezialitäten “Zino Jong”
Zino, The Netherlands
Measures : Ø 11 mm, length 108 mm
The mild Jong Cigars are produced from most valueable Sumatra- and Java-tobaccos.Zino Jong – a “Perla”- format.
delivery in a little wood box (50 items)
no delivery of Solo-Cigars
content 50 Cigars per unit

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